By default Python has CPython under the hood, wait, calm down, what is CPython? Maybe many of you don’t know what it is. Basically CPython is the reference implementation of Python. It is the responsible to interpreter your Python code and run it. CPython is an interpreter and a compile (it compiles Python code into bytecode) of Python code. Also it is where we have the grammar of Python language.

Ok, but what is PyPy and where it comes? PyPy is an alternative implementation to CPython that follows the official Python language specification and does almost the same job of…

This is a beginner guide to start a django application.

To start you need to have python, pip and pipenv installed. We are going to use Pipenv to manage our dependencies. If you want to know more about pipenv check this:

Inside your project folder give the following command:

pipenv --three

It will create a file called Pipfile.

Second give the following command to activate pipenv shell:

pipenv shell

This command will spawn a new shell subprocess

Now, let’s install our dependencies, initially django, django rest framework and psycopg2.

pipenv install django djangorestframework psycopg2-binary

Django Rest Framework is a…

Guilherme Euzébio

Software Engineer

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